Method 7 Sunglasses – Operator Series Polycarbonate HPS+
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Method 7 Sunglasses – Operator Series Polycarbonate HPS+

Manufactured for Method Seven by Carl Zeiss Vision using proprietary technology. 100% UV protection in a great value in a polycarbonate lens that blocks and completely protects your eyes from all harmful UVA/UVB light. For the first time you will see the natural colours of your plants under your grow lights. Monitor plant health, determine correctly the colour of your plant leaves, spot pests, disease, rot, mildews, mineral deficiencies and excesses. Comes in LED, HPS, and MH variations

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Method Seven Operator Fission Lens Technology provides Optimized Color with our proprietary, patent pending polycarbonate lenses manufactured for us to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss Vision. The Operator+ uses our +silver lens coating, adding improved performance in outdoor lighting and indoor exposure above 10,000 watts of lighting. 100% UV protection. Increase your comfort, pleasure, and plant experience under the harsh lighting conditions common in the grow environment. High pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lights each product a unique light spectrum that is very challenging to the human eye. Our HPS optimized lenses are available now and MH will be available soon. Choose the solution that is right for you.

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