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Iluminar - CMH DE 630W FIXTURE - ( Bulb Not Included )

The ILUMINAR 630W DE CMH DE horticultural light was engineered to be the closest alternative to natural sunlight. We’ve taken cutting edge technology to design a ballast that runs efficiently and a reflector that will deliver maximum uniformity -- making this horticultural light more efficient than HPS or MH. 


The CMH ballasts can be run independently or with the ILUMINAR Touch Controller or HASH Controller. The ballasts are also compatible with Priva, Hortimax and Argus controllers (0-10V Protocol), allowing you full control to dial in your gardens to specific requirements. 


Ceramic Metal Halide or “CMH” lamps provide a wider spectrum and more UV light compared to other horticultural lights. When a larger more yield is the desired outcome, the ILUMINAR CMH gives you the competitive edge. Our CMH DE fixture reduces the cost of relamping while also minimizing overhead expenses. 

!!! Bulb Not Included !!!

  • $549.99

With ILUMINAR CMH light spectrum so close to sunlight, your plants receive a broader range of wavelengths of truly usable light. Engineered to be closer to a natural sunlight alternative, in comparison to other popular lighting solutions currently in the market.  We have taken the tech and increased its operational efficiency making this model preferred among growers. Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps or “CMH” Lights wide spectrum of light provides more UV light, compared to other types of grow lights. When a larger yield is the desired outcome giving you the ILUMINAR CMH competitive edge, is the solution.

Full Fixture with Reflector, Lamp and Integrated Ballast
Compatible with ILUMINAR Touch Controller
Broad Spectrum Light, Plants Maximum Potential Reached
Operationally Efficient
Soft Start Technology
30,000 hours of Full Spectrum Use
RF Shielding

    • Weight
      15 lbs
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  • Select Your Fixture
    630w DE CMH Fiture ( No Bulb ), 630w DE CMH Fiture w/ 3K Bulb, 630w DE CMH Fiture w/ 3K RED Bulb, 630w DE CMH Fiture w/ 4K Bulb
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