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Premium Tent Kits

Our Premium Tent Kits take the guess work out of setting up your own growing tent and save you money on quality equipment. 

The grow tents selected for our Premium Tent Kits are arguably the best on the market. Mammoth Pro Grow Tents are known for their high quality and durability. Large doors provide easy access, and when zipped shut provide a light-proof seal. The tent fabric is a washable Mylar 210D with an interior that reflects 95% of light. Multiple outlets are provided in the tent, providing options for intake and exhaust flow. The tent is erected on a frame of strong steel poles with sturdy connectors and corners. It has a removable water tray and is fast and easy to assemble.

All of our kits include a Wind King Inline Fan that offers high functionality as well as durability. This fan can be used for intake or exhaust and moves large volumes of air quietly and efficiently. The blades are steel, which is far more resistant to heat than plastic. The bearings, which are often the first fan part to wear out, are made from long-lasting high quality steel. Wind King inline fans are CSA and ETL certified.

The second fan in each of our grow tent kits is a six inch Hurricane® Classic Clip Fan. This fan has a strong clip and five foot power cord, so it can be mounted just about anywhere. It can also be tilted and has two speeds.

To keep your grow lights in the ideal position, each kit includes two adjustable Sky Hook® Light Hangers. These hangers are made with eight feet of braided polypropylene rope strung through a ratcheting carabiner clip to affix at the top. The second carabiner clips to your light. The pair can hold up to 80 pounds and once locked in place will never break, slip or rust. 

The power bar that comes with each kit is a Titan Controls® Apollo® 14 - 8 Outlet Power Strip with Timer. This power bar has eight outlets, four that are constantly on, and four that can be set in 15 minute intervals. All outlets offer surge protection, and the heavy duty construction resists dust, rust and moisture.

All kits also come with a charcoal filter, flex pipe, duct clamps and a lighting system.

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