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    TNB Naturals CO2 dispersal canister refill pack is to be used with the canister after it has exhausted its use. TNB Naturals CO2 has the potential to double your crops yield. Adding CO2 allows plants to continue growing at an optimum rate at all times.

    • Continue to use your canister and save money with the refill pack.

    • Natural ingredients when activated create a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200ppm in a 12x12x12 area.

    • Goes to work quickly. (8 to 10 hours)

    • $19.99
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    Max Fans are in line mixed-flow fans capable of jaw-dropping performance at high static pressure through innovative design. Manufactured in Germany they pack a serious punch for their size, operating costs, and quiet operation rising to the challenge where centrifugal fans just aren’t cutting it. Aerodynamically optimized laminar airflow and extremely high efficiency set the Max Fan in a class of its own and those seeking the highest quality in professional grade fans know there is only one option for true and reliable performance, Max Fan.

    • $289.99
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    The Hyper Fan® Speed Controller is extremely easy to use. Set the two dials and you will have complete control of your environment. The Hyper Fan® Fan/Controller combo has the lowest energy use of any fan/controller system out today. The controller thermostatically changes the fans RPM/ Speed as needed. For use with EC Hyper Fans only. All wire connections included.

    • $219.99
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    The HyperFan Climate Controller is a fully digital climate controller designed for use with the Phresh filter hyper fan.

    Tips for setting min and max speed should be just enough to create a constant pull of the air through the grow area and ensure the carbon filter is constantly removing pollutants without dragging excess cold air into the grow room which can result in stunted growth. Negative pressure is indicated by the room door just starting to slightly suck shut. Custom adjust the min fan speed to suit your requirement  start 35% of work the rpm organs of negative pressure is achieved.

    The innovative internal design means that there is no large gaps between fan speeds, meaning quieter operation and less stress on the fan.

    The HCC is also intelligent, if it senses a change in temperature it will react accordingly, meaning it will react quickly to larger temp changes but slower to smaller changes. It will also record the min and max temperatures and growers can choose whether the controller displays C or F temps.

    • Extremely simple to use
    • Lowest energy use of any fan filter controller system
    • Thermostatic  changes the fans rpm speed as needed
    • Constantly maintains the optimal day time temperature
    • Fan speed fall back to custom set RPM on cold nights
    • 3 to 2 pin adapter included for series 1/2 hyper fans
    • Y piece included for two fans

    • $119.99
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    Tired of having to constantly change out your CO2 tanks? With the Titan Controls® Two Tank Regulator, you're now able to go twice as long before having to switch out your tanks. This device gives you the flexibility to run two tanks in sequence (one after the other) or to run two tanks simultaneously. It features a precise flow meter that allows you to tune it from 0.5 to 15 SCF/Hour (standard cubic feet per hour). This unit is built to last with a heavy duty brass body, high quality valves and a steel braided hose. 1 Amp/120 Volts/60Hz.

    • Use one CO2 Regulator to operate two CO2 tanks
    • Replace CO2 tanks less frequently
    • Run two tanks in sequence (one after another) or simultaneously
    • Durable brass CO2 regulator with precision pinwheel adjustment
    • Flow gauge may be set from 0.5 to 15 SCFH (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour)
    • 120 Volts / 1 Amp / 60 Hz.
    • 1 year warranty
    • $179.00
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    Compatible with Titan Controls® CO2 Controllers or other 120 Volt controllers and timers. Precision accuracy flow meter - 0.5 to 15 SCF/hour. Features heavy-duty solenoid valve. High quality oil-less pressure gauge. Includes two plastic tank washers and 12 ft of CO2 dispensing line. Brass construction for long-lasting dependability and durability. 1 Amp/120 Volts/60Hz.

    • Compatible with Titan Controls Atlas 1 CO2 Monitor/Controller, Atlas 2 CO2 Monitor/Controller, Apollo 12 Short Cycle Timer or any other 120 volt CO2 controllers or timers
    • Use with CO2 Rain System (item #: 702711) for best results!
    • Brass construction for long-lasting dependability and durability
    • Precision accuracy flow valve - from .5 to 15 SCFH (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour)
    • CO2 helps increase overall plant growth and vigor
    • Features heavy-duty solenoid
    • Includes 12' of CO2 gas dispensing line
    • Powered by 6' - 120 volt grounded power cord
    • Two plastic tank washers (item #: 702712) included. Replacements available through your local Dealer
    • Growroom CO2 'dosing' chart included
    • 1 Amp/120 Volts/60 Hz
    • 1 Year Warranty.
    • $119.99
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    Duct Clamp Available in 4", 6", 8", 10", & 12"

    • $2.95
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    Thermoflo Flexible Ducting Available in: 4", 6", 8", 10", & 12" 2000 SR Series: premium ducting with reinforced multi-layer metal PET laminate casing for durability, ultra smooth double sealed core for silent, perfusion free air flow and superior galvanized steel coils for easy handling and installation. Available in 4" to 20" diameter sizes, 25' length.

    • $1.15
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    Suncourt Motorized Dampers Available in 6", 8", 10", & 12" The ZoneMaster? Zone Control Damper saves money on heating and cooling by controlling temperature in individual rooms. ?Safe, low voltage stud mount transformer and motor ?Tremendous energy saver ?Free-wheeling coupling between motor and damper shaft for long life ?Housing length is 8? ?3 year limited warranty

    • $139.95
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    Spring Loaded Dampers Available in: 6". 8", 10", & 12"

    • $49.95
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    Thermoflo Insulated Ducting Available in: 6", 8", 10", & 12" Only sold by the 25' length

    • $42.99
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    Adjustable Elbows 4", 6", 8", 10", & 12"

    • $4.75
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    The Original ExHale CO2 Bag produces CO2 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive CO2 production units. The power of ExHale lies in the mycelial mass inside the vented bag. This mycelial mass produces CO2 and the microporous breather patch releases CO2 continually for at least 6 months. On average our CO2 bags will raise the CO2 level by 500 ppm above ambient air levels.

    The Original ExHale CO2 Bag is designed for small to medium sized grow spaces. The Original will provide a 4×4 foot or 128 cubic foot space with CO2 for 6 months guaranteed. The ExHale Original comes with a freshness seal that doubles as a hanger.

    • Steady supply of CO2 for 6 months guaranteed
    • Maintenance free
    • No heat
    • No electricity
    • Patent pending genetics
    • Suitable for Organic Production
    • Made in the USA

    How to Use ExHale

    ExHale comes complete, simply follow the instructions and place the ExHale bag in your grow space and leave it alone to do its job. A continuous shower of CO2 directly onto your plants is the most efficient way to deliver CO2. Placing the ExHale CO2Bag slightly above the level of your plants will ensure they receive the CO2 they need 24 hours a day for up to 6 months.

    ExHale can be used for both vegetative plant growth as well as for fruit and flower production. If you have a ventilation system, place the ExHale bag in close proximity to the fresh air intake. CO2 will be drawn upwards through the canopy.

    • $49.99
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    Wind Devil 16" Pedastal fan Wind Devil fans are economical and reliable option for air circulation.

    • $39.95