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  • Bluelab Combo Meter

    It's all you need for simple and reliable crop management

    It's all you need for simple and reliable crop management.

    The Bluelab Combo Meter is a portable pH, conductivity and temperature meter all in one. If you are experiencing problems with yellow leaves, or slow stunted growth, the Bluelab Combo Meter will soon tell you if each parameter is within the plants requirements. Adjustments can be quickly made to get your crop back on track.

    The Bluelab Combo Meter has two probes, a Bluelab pH Probe and a Bluelab Conductivity/Temperature Probe. When taking a reading, simply place them into the solution and the selected reading is displayed on screen. As the Bluelab Combo Meter is portable and does not require a power supply to operate, it can be used anywhere, anytime to help you manage your crops’ daily nutrient requirements.

    Calibration of the pH probe is simple as instructions are supplied on the back of the meter and the easy push button method makes this one of the simplest meters to use.

    The pH probe is replaceable so you can use this meter for years to come. The Conductivity/temperature probe does not require calibration as this is locked in during manufacture.

    Often referred to as “The Cadillac of Meters”!

    • $389.95
  • The Nutradip GrowBoss is the meter you have always wanted. This meter didn't happen by accident, it has been designed and manufactured by the creators of the "Original" three in one meter for the hydroponic industry the Trimeter. The Nutradip GrowBoss meets todays demand for better and more reliable information about your growing environment as it pertains to the parameters of your growing solution.

    • $349.95
  • Bluelab Guardian Monitor

    The simplest and most effective reservoir monitor you could ever own!

    The Bluelab Guardian Monitor provides 24 hour continuous reading for pH, conductivity (EC/ppm 700/TDS/CF) and temperature within a nutrient solution.

    Optimizing these critical parameters through a plants’ growing phase helps ensure a successful crop.

    Designed for indoor use, the Guardian Monitor can be mounted on a wall or hung on a support bar. Set up your reservoir, place the pH and conductivity probes in the solution, then adjust and glance!

    Simply set high and low alarm states – if the solution moves away from the ideal range, the display flashes. A quick look at the monitor will let you know when your nutrient solution needs adjusting.



    • Plant-safe green LEDs
    • Large easy to read displays
    • No calibration required for conductivity and temperature
    • Simple push button pH calibration
    • Selectable values for conductivity and temperature
    • Flashing high and low alarms
    • Greater tolerance to RF / electronic interference provided
    • Water resistant design
    • International power supply included
    • Replaceable double junction pH probe included
    • Adjustable display brightness
    • Non-volatile memory (setting retained when power lost)

    Bluelab-limited-guarantee-2-years      Bluelab-limited-guarantee-6-months
    2 year guarantee for Bluelab Guardian Monitor
    6 month guarantee for Bluelab pH Probe
    (proof of purchase is required)
    • $559.99
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