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Hydrotek carries and distributes all the well known indoor gardening supplies your customers want, but it?s our exclusive brands and best-in-class products that make us shine. Hydrotek branded products are domestically produced and distributed across North America. Our current product line not only includes Sylvania ballasts and lighting, Philips, Vortex, Fibrgro, General Hydroponics and HESI nutrients and supplements, but OUR OWN SilverStar reflectors(amongst the top-selling reflectors on the continent), Hydrotek Zeta nutrients and supplements, AirBox Stealth filtration systems, Pro-Cut trimmers, trays, reservoirs, growing systems and much, much more.


Cruise Temp Cooling Thermostat
Cruise Temp Cooling Thermostat

Prewired for cooling

? Single stage thermostat for cooling
? NEMA 4 enclosure
? Larger, easy read, 40 - 100? F dial
? Multi position mounting
? Higher amperage rating
? Stainless steel coil
- 15 amp- 120v
- 12amp - 240v
- 10amp - 277v
CA$89.95 (USD $62.97)
Available in White 18" or 24", & Chrome 18" or 24"

? 95 % reflective German Aluminum (chrome)
? Lightweight
? Accepts all lamp types
? Made in North America
? Boxed ready to ship
CA$23.95 (USD $16.77)
Light Speed Flip Flop

Light Speed Flip Flop Systems

Available in 4, 8, 16 bulb


Easily make 1 ballast control 2 bulbs with these simple to use flip boards. All Light Speed Flip Flops are UL listed and use only the highest quality components. All Light Speed Flip Flops are compatible with all HID lights and ballasts up to 1000w...

CA$429.95 (USD $300.97)
Silverstar 6"
Silverstar 6"

Silver Star 6" Air Cooled Reflectors
-95% Reflective
-99% Air Tight
-Tempered Glass
-Light Weight 10lbs
-Lamp Cord Not Included
CA$169.95 (USD $118.97)
Speed Bully
Speed Bully Fan Speed Control

For use with 120 volt AC equipement or power tools that have a universal brush type motor or a motor that is compatible with a speed controller. 15 amp max capacity

CA$39.95 (USD $27.97)