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Botanicare / Organicare
Botanicare offers the most comprehensive family of hydrogardening products available. We manufacture a complete line of hydroponic fertilizers, supplements, grow substrates, grow systems and plastics for every level of hydrogardening enthusiast.


Pure Bloom
Organicare PURE? Granular Bloom Formula. OMRI Listed.
Available in 2lb, & 12.5lb

1 - 5 - 4 + 6% Ca

This Premium organic-based plant food is for use during the bloom phase. Highly effective in soil container gardens, raised bed gardens, potted plants and hydroponics.

CA$9.95 (USD $6.97)
Pure Grow
Organicare PURE? Granular Grow Formula. OMRI listed.
Available in 2lb, & 12.5lb
6 - 6 - 5 + 8% Ca

Pure? natural and organic plant food is the base for the Organicare Plant Nutrient System?. Ideal for soil container gardens, raised bed gardens, potted plants and hydroponics. Beneficial for fruits, flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and turf. Pure?s granular formula helps prevent nutrient leaching and runoff. This Natural and Organic formula is listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic crop production.

CA$9.95 (USD $6.97)
Organicare Seaplex
Available in 1L, & 4L

Seaplex? is a cold processed seaweed for foliar spraying, soil and soilless container gardens and hydroponic systems. This natural and organic supplement is packed with amino acids, enzymes, micronutrients and soil biology that encourage vigorous growth. For leafy plants, vegetables and fruits. OMRI listed.

CA$24.95 (USD $17.47)
Botanicare Zho
Available in 1/4lb, & 1lb

Rev Up your Rhizosphere with Botanicare?s new Biological Inoculant, ZHO. ZHO contains revolutionary supercharged Endomychorrizal and Trichoderma fungi that build a natural, microbial system in and around plant roots significantly improving a plants growth, vigor, and production

CA$34.95 (USD $24.47)