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Combo Meter
Better crops start with the Bluelab Combo Meter, it's all you need for simple and reliable crop management and it's all within arms reach. It is a conductivity, pH and temperature meter all in one. It comes with a pH probe and conductivity/temperature probe, which are simply placed into the solution and the selected reading is displayed on screen. As the Bluelab Combo Meter is portable and does not require a power supply to operate, it can be used anytime and anywhere to help you manage your crops daily nutrient requirements
CA$289.95 (USD $202.97)
Nutridip Growboss
The Nutradip GrowBoss is the meter you have always wanted.

This meter didn't happen by accident, it has been designed and manufactured by the creators of the "Original" three in one meter for the hydroponic industry the Trimeter. The Nutradip GrowBoss meets todays demand for better and more reliable information about your growing environment as it pertains to the parameters of your growing solution.
CA$299.99 (USD $209.99)