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Alfalfa Meal

Welcome Harvest Alfalfa Meal NPK: 3-0-2 Alfalfas' natural ability to establish deep roots enables this plant to tap into reservoirs of trace minerals in the soil. As a fertilizer, alfalfa meal provides primary and secondary nutrients to plants along with many enzymes, vitamins and growth promoting factors. This is an excellent product, and can be used to increase the nutrient value of compost, and soil humus. Alfalfa meal is highly recommended as a mulch for roses and other perennials. Suggested application rate: 5-10 kg per 10 sq. meters.

CA$18.99 (USD $13.29)
Bat Guano
Welcome Harvest Fossilized Bat Guano 0-15-0

Bat Guano 0-15-0 is fossilized bat manure containing very high levels of usable soluble phosphorous. Use bat guano on exotic flowering plants and the cactus and succulent families. The only organic source of soluble phosphorous.
CA$32.99 (USD $23.09)
Bone Meal
Welcome Harvest Steamed Bone Meal 3-15-0

Steamed Bone Meal? 3-15-0 is an all purpose slow release organic source of calcium, nitrogen and phosphorous.. Use on your bulbs, fruits and vegetables and at transplant time. Bone meal has been used for centuries on gardens. Super fine grade. Fast acting.
CA$19.95 (USD $13.97)
Flower Power
Welcome Harvest Flower Power 4-10-4

Flower Power? 4-10-4 is a high analysis blend of organic fertilizers that can be used on any plant as a full term feed. It normally lasts for around 35-45 days in the soil before being depleted. Use on annuals, perennials and any other flower or seed producing plants.
CA$19.99 (USD $13.99)
Green Sand
Welcome Harvest Green Sand NPK: 0-1.5-8
Available in: 2.2 kg / 10 kg

Greensand is essentially a hydrated silicate of iron and potash. It is a natural mineral extracted from the famous greensand deposits of Sewell, New Jersey, USA. This natural mineral has a tendency to open tight soils and bind loose soils. Nutrient availability through its' "base-exchange" action releases the minerals in the soil for assimilation by the plant. Valued by growers for decades this rock powder contains a large amount of potassium and trace minerals. Greensand renews vigour of the mineral exchange in the top soil.

Suggested application rate:
2-3 kg per 10 sq. meters.
1 Ton per acre for larger areas.
CA$18.99 (USD $13.29)
Kelp Meal
Welcome Harvest Kelp Meal NPK:1-1-2
Available in 1.5kg, and 5kg

Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp meal has been used for centuries, throughout the world, as a rich, nonpolluting source of natural organic minerals and nutrients. Kelp contains over 60 minerals and elements, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates, and several essential growth hormones (auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins), that are already chelated in a form that is water soluble and mobile in the soil.

Under certain agricultural conditions kelp meal enhances the germination of seeds, increases the uptake of nutrients, imparts a degree of frost resistance, and inhibits the attack of plants by pathogenic fungi, predatory insects and soil nematodes.

When used as a fertilizer supplement, kelp meal is an excellent source of chelated minerals necessary for proper plant growth. Mannitol and alginic acid are major components of kelp and act as agents helping in the formation of humus. The benefit of kelp meal increases each year as it contributes to the soil organic matter.
CA$69.99 (USD $48.99)
Rock Phosphate
Welcome Harvest Rock Phosphate 0-27-0

Rock Phosphate? 0-27-0 is an excellent mineral chelating soil binder for open or loose soils. Provides abundant phosphorous for excellent root and flower development. Usable as a nutrient tea. Avoid excessive lime use. Encourages earth worms and micro-organisms. O.M.R.I. approved
CA$13.95 (USD $9.77)