Cal Max
An excellent source of additional calcium, magnesium and iron

Cal-Max? can be used on all plants, providing calcium, magnesium and iron for your garden. This helps solve one of the most common nutrient deficiency problems facing fruit and vegetable growers as many soils or potting mixes simply do not have enough of those nutrients to keep the hungry plants growing. Just as people take vitamin or mineral supplements, plants sometimes need supplementing too. Using Cal-Max as part of your regular feeding program will help to eliminate leaf yellowing or flowers dropping off (bud abort). It helps prevent tip burning in lettuce and cabbage as well as blossom rot in tomatoes and peppers. Use Cal-Max and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour!

CA$14.99 (USD $10.49)
Insta Green
Restores the Green to Plants

InstaGreen? is a dark greening solution, scientifically formulated to bring plants back to a lush, dark color and vigour. InstaGreen will eliminate yellow leaves in seedlings and cuttings. Use InstaGreen when plants are stressed due to under-feeding or transplanting until vigour has returned. Best used as a foliar spray in both indoor and outdoor applications
CA$15.99 (USD $11.19)
Pro Silicate
Increases plant growth by improving heat and drought tolerance

Pro-Silicate? is a nutritional silicate additive containing potassium and silicon. It helps keep the plants upright, positioning the leaves correctly for maximum light exposure that ultimately leads to more food production because of a high rate of photosynthesis. Pro-Silicate helps the plant battle wilting and drought by acting as insulation against excess water loss at higher temperatures. This helps increase plant growth and prolongs bloom life.

CA$13.95 (USD $9.77)
Vita Max
Plant Anti-Stress Formula

VitaMax? is a scientifically created formula designed to encourage better root development, larger buds, blooms, fruits and flowers. Designed to be used as an additive to your regular nutrient, VitaMax helps increase plant development at the blooming and fruiting stages and reduces plant stress. Great for transplanting and rooting, VitaMax is a plant growth & bloom enhancer that contains many essential macro and chelated micro elements along with natural B vitamins. This product may be used up to the last ten days of flowering.

CA$24.99 (USD $17.49)