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Growlite 315w CMH Ballast
ELECTRONIC BALLAST 315W 120-277V The newest generation of the 315w CMH ballast was developed to optimize the output of our 315w CMH lamps. Our lamp and ballast are tuned to work together at over 99% efficiency when operated together, you will receive less color shifts, lower lamp temperatures, and less frequency humming. FEATURES CMH lamps Soft Start stabilizes start-up loads and extends lamp life & performance Low frequency (<200 Hz), Constant output LED status display 6’ 120VAC power cord provided 120/208/240/277VAC voltage sensing input 3 year warranty UL listed for safety PROTECTIONS Short circuit Open circuit End of Lamp Life (EOL) Hot-Start Ignition Failure Overheat Over/Under voltage PERFORMANCE Rated Voltage: AC90-305VAC Input Frequency: 50/60Hz Ambient Operating Temperature (TA): -25°C ~ 50°C (-13°F ~ 122°F) Crest Factor (CF): <1.5 Power Factor (PF): ≥0.95 Max case temperature <80°C (<176°F) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <20% Current Draw: 2.84A @ 120VAC, 1.42A @ 240V, 1.23A @ 277VAC Dimensions: L 8.75“x W 5.07“x H 3.125“ Weight: 5.5 lbs/2.5kg Item No.: GLB-315-A-120/277
CA$269.99 (USD $188.99)
Iluminar DE Commercial Fixture
ILUMINAR’s 1000W DE-HPS commercial fixture is a feature rich Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium all-in-one unit. Designed with a low shadow footprint for commercial reliability, the ILUMINAR DE-HPS 1000W unit stands toe-to-toe with any comparable fixture on the market with all the features you’d expect:


-Dimmable high frequency ballast with overdrive

-Premium DE-HPS spec bulb
-German Aluminum reflector with 96%> reflectivity
-Interchangeable reflectors for different ceiling heights
-DE Lamp Balanced mounting

-Remote control compatible


The major difference between the ILUMINAR DE-HPS and other lighting manufacturers is quite simply; the cost.


The cost to purchase, the cost to maintain and the cost of ownership of an ILUMINAR DE-HPS is the lowest on the market by desi
CA$469.99 (USD $328.99)
Market price: CA$529.99 , save 11%
Nanolux OG Series

The Original OG

As the smallest, lightest, and smartest ballast on the market the, OG lives up to its name. It’s the original “Nano style” ballast, yet it continues to dominate through innovation. We’ve taken the reliability and quality you’ve come to trust, and added smart ballast capabilities by making it NCCS (NCCS hyperlink?) compatible. Not only does this allow you to actively monitor the health of your ballast, it allows you to control many operations including overheat shut-off, voltage surge protection, dim cycles, slow start/slow finish, and more! Like all of our ballasts the DE comes with Random Start technology. Random Start uses an algorithm that will start the ballast within a 0-15 second window. This allows for less initial power draw when using multiple ballasts. The OG ballast is covered by a 3 year warranty (warranty hyperlink?).  ETL listed meeting product safety standards.

CA$189.99 (USD $132.99)
SunBlaster T5HO Complete Lights
SunBlaster T5HO Lights
Available in 2', 3', & 4'
Includes: 6400k Bulb, Electronic Ballast/Fixture, Mounting Clips, Power cords, Jumper Cord

SunBlaster T5HO fixtures link together, regardless of length, to a maximum of 8 per single power cord. Used as supplemental overhead and side lighting, as well as additional light for tall plants when hung vertically, their slim design allows them to fit virtually anywhere you need additional light.
CA$32.99 (USD $23.09)
The Ace Electronic Digital Ballast
The Ace Electronic Digital Ballast
Available in 1000w, 600w, & 400w
Includes 1- ballast, & 1- 120v & 240v Power Supply Cord

The Ace Dimmable Digital HID Ballast is the latest innovation in digital lighting technology. With the introduction of new, more efficient, digital ballasts people expect more out of their equipment than ever before, and The Ace delivers
CA$239.99 (USD $167.99)