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Abscent Design Duffel Bags
We at abscent are committed to providing the best in odor absorbing technology. Utilizing high quality materials in combination with stringent manufacturing processes we are able to achieve this goal. Our bags are specifically engineered around our proprietary three stage liner.

Our new duffel bags are available in two sizes. The duffel features h2o guard zipper (water resistant), industrial velcro, backpack straps, a traditional padded handle, and a D ring that aligns with the zipper pull (for optional lock).
CA$139.99 (USD $97.99)
Abscent Odor Insert Bags
The Backpack insert bag is designed to fit inside any backpack/duffel bag you already own or maybe a bag you are thinking about purchasing.
Simply fill the insert with your Smelly goods (i.e. dirty gym gear), zip it up, secure the odor eating flap to the velcro, and place the insert into your bag. Now you can be on your way free of funky ODORS! Made of Heavy-Duty Construction (600D polyester), H20guard Zipper (water resistant), Lockable, Odor Absorbing Flap secured by industrial velcro, Nylon Handle.

The Medium & Large Inserts are constructed from high quality nylon (exterior) and lined with abscent's two stage proprietary carbon liner. The Medium & Large duffel bag inserts were designed to fit directly inside abscent's medium or large duffel bag. The insert serves as an extra layer of odor absorbing protection for those strong smelling items. These inserts may also be place in any bag you may already have, making any bag of your choice a smell proof one.
CA$99.99 (USD $69.99)
Bonsai Shears Long Blade

Giros Bonsai Shears Sec-0503 Long blade high quality surgical steel construction. Ideal for cutting branches, flowers and fruits.

CA$19.95 (USD $13.97)
Bonsai Shears Short Blade
Giros Short Blade Bonsai Shears SEC-0527

Short blade high quality surgical steel construction. Ideal for cutting branches, flowers and fruits.
CA$17.95 (USD $12.57)
Boveda 62% Humidity pack
Boveda? 62% Boveda? patented 2 way humidity technology ensures a relative humidity of 62% with a +or- 1% humidity variance. No Brainer ! NO ADJUSMENTS, NO FIDDLING, just take the Boveda and place in our CVault, and within 24 to 48 hours your product will be at the PERFECT relative humidity. Disposable, You can easily tell when it is time to dispose of the Boveda?, you will begin to notice a granular feel to the Boveda?. Once the packet solidifies please replace your Boveda?. Then simply insert a new Boveda? into the specialty designed pak holder of the CVault and you are good to go.
CA$2.49 (USD $1.74)
Bubble Magic Shaker Bags

Designed specifically for the dry ice extraction process, the Bubble Magic™ Shaker bag is made from waterproof neoprene material, with a built in mesh screen and attached handles. The shaker bag is available in several different microns and is only compatible with the custom-fit Bubble Magic Bucket.

CA$79.99 (USD $55.99)
C Vault Storage and Curing Containers
We provide the ultimate curing and storage solution for premium rolling tobacco.

The CVault; an airtight, stainless steel curing and storage container, featuring the patented 62% 2-way humidity control pak by Boveda.
CA$23.99 (USD $16.79)
Eye Screw 4"
Eye Screw 4"
Available in Singles, & 10 pack

Lagscrew, zinc plated, 1/4" inch wire diameter
CA$0.79 (USD $0.55)

Fiskars Soft Touch Micro Tip Pruners
Softouch? Micro-Tip? Pruning Snip
Those louts who say you're a bit obsessive simply lack your refinement, your appreciation for detail-and your favorite "finishing touch" tool. They think you're laboring over every leaf and blossom, but you know that deadheading, shaping or pruning even the densest plants is as simple and quick as a precise, decisive snip.

Easy-open spring action reduces hand stress while cutting
Super sharp, Micro-Tip? blades give you top-of-the-line precision and control
Fully hardened stainless steel blades holds sharp edge longer
Comfortable Softgrip? handles reduce stress and are non-slip for safety
Right or left-handed use
Blade cover protects you and the blades when closed
Lifetime warranty
CA$19.95 (USD $13.97)
Gro1 30x & 60x Double Loupe
The Illuminated Double Loupe is great for on-the-go identification of pests and diseases on your plants so you can quickly and accurately resolve the problem. This microscope has 2 switchable LED lights (one for each magnification) for maximum clarity and comes ready to use with (3) pre-installed LR1130 batteries. Hard plastic storage case and instructions included.
CA$24.99 (USD $17.49)