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T-Drops 20ml

T-Drops is a 100% Safe and Effective Remedy against Fungus Gnat

• 100% Non-Toxic
• 100% Harmless to Adults, Children and Animals
• 100% Effective Prevention
• 100% Effective Elimination
• 100% Safe to Plants
• 100% Safe to Use Right Up Until the Day of Harvest
• 100% Great Value

No matter where or what you grow, Fungus Gnat is a constant threat. It has threatened the viability of hydroponic growing all over the world.

Until now, the only remedy has been toxic chemicals which are readily taken up by the plant. Not only does this threaten your own health, but it is also very tough on the plants, damaging the roots. As well, you can’t use these chemicals as a preventative, only as a cure once you notice that the pest is attacking your crop.

CA$39.99 (USD $27.99)